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Being Safe in Delhi

For us at The Estate, we put the safety of our guests at the forefront. For our international guests that may not be familiar with the way of life here in India or for domestic vacationers that are used to a much quieter way of life, Delhi can prove to be a busy city to navigate through. With the following safety tips, you can make sure that your holiday in the capital is a memorable and safe one –

– Avoid drinking tap water during your stay in Delhi or in any other part of India. When dining outside, it is recommended that you rely only on bottle water. Carry enough bottled water with you on your road trips.

– The traffic in Delhi can get congested, especially during peak hours. One would recommend against getting around on bicycles as you may not be familiar with the dynamics of the city’s traffic.

– The weather, especially at the cusp of winter can be rather hazy and smoky. Bring appropriate clothing and accessories such as scarves to protect yourself from the dry weather and the dust and smoke.

– Beggars and shoe cleaners are abundant in Delhi especially on busier streets and around famous markets. Be aware of pick pockets and it is ideal to walk around modestly than flaunting your fancy camera and other gadgets.

– Charging for commission is a common practice is India and often comes as a surprise to tourists. It is best to ask any service provider what % of the value of their services they will charge as commission before you confirm a purchase. It is ideal to check with the Manager at our B&B before you make any bookings to avoid being fleeced.

– India uses a 230V and 50Hz socket for electrical supply within household. However, you will come across three types of sockets C, D and M. Make sure you bring along the right convertors to charge your cell phones, cameras and other devices.

– Public transport such as rickshaws and buses can be uncomfortable. It is ideal to book a private car at a flat rate while getting around the city.The metro, which is a five minute walking distance away from The Estate, is also a very good option to use

– Arrange for all your requirements through a reliable operator only or contact The Estate’s staff for assistance/recommendations. Offers of Cheap tours & shopping experiences could prove to be scams if not obtained from certified providers.

– It is preferable to dress modestly, as you might choose to tour parts of the Old city or religious establishments.

For more guidance on planning a safe trip in Delhi, contact our Manager.

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