Outlook Traveller, June 2008 – Delhi’s Best B&B’s

18 September 2014


The Estate‘ has been named and featured amongst the best B&B’s of New Delhi by the reputed travel magazine Outlook Traveller in it’s June 2008 issue. Excerpts from the feature:


You need to see it – and not hear it – to believe that a property so close to hectic Andheria Mor and backed up against Sultanpur Village could be so quiet. Inside this small serene and green-gated estate is the NCR’s most peaceful B&B. It’s easy to forget where you are – on a cool winter morning, silver oaks swaying outside your French window, you could be at a hill station. Even in summer, birdcalls herald dusk and dawn with such fervour that my huband is adamant it’s a doorbell!! When

Mamta and Chetan opened their home to guests, their primary considerations were enabling conviviality while ensuring privacy. Perfectly achieved by enlarging the annexe to the main building to house the guest rooms and planting a light screen of greenery. The terrace has a tufted garden, perfect for bookworms and tea treats. The lawn is lovely for lounging in….

Indeed, one of the things Mamta prizes about her B&B is her interaction with people…. Visitors prize Mamta’s deft touch practised over years in the hospitalty industry. Five star quality bedding …..generously stocked bathrooms. A varied and reasonably priced snack basket in each room (Mamta favours the honour system, placing a small coffer beside).

Lunch and dinner are provided on request, for a small extra charge. Every meal is served on the dot ….Spreads are lavish, Indian or Continental. The staff is exhorted to note preferences and adapt. Pasta cooked al dente, sans a surfeit of sauce for the French ladies. Fresh fruit pressed on the youngster who would be away with just coffee and cookie……..”

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