The Amalgamation of Culture and Heritage in Delhi

The rich culture and heritage of Delhi is easily visible in its way of life, demography, fashion, food, art and music. The capital city emotes a host of influences ranging from that it has adapted from the Mogul Empire, to the more recent British Raj. Ruins of forts, rich tapestries of fabrics and delectable food represent the Mogul rule that once dominated this region. The tea rooms, luxurious hotels and modern memorials and monuments talk about a much more recent history in the life and times of this magnificent city.

Art in Delhi

During the reign of Emperor Akbar, the art of carpet weaving, metal crafting, classical music and dance reached its new heights. This culture is well preserved even today and can be easily experienced through various marketplaces, galleries and theatres. A trip to the National Gallery of Modern Art, the Sanskriti Kendra and the Lalit Kala Academy prove to be insightful journeys for those interested.

If you happen to be visiting Delhi between October and March you will be fortunate enough to witness some of the main cultural events that take place in the year. With performances in classical dance, music and some renowned art exhibits to explore visitors gain a unique chance to delve a step deeper into the rich cultural tapestry of this city.

Cultural Insights through Local Crafts

Delhi is renowned the world over for its craftsmanship. Whether it is silver and gold enamling to traditional embroidery work, it is possible to explore the enchanting history of the city’s artisans through family owned establishments that have been functioning for generations together.

Here, you can also come across exquisite artistry work on pottery, kite making and wooden toys that are all representative of everyday life in various parts of Delhi and the rest of the country.

Delving into the Local Culture through its Monuments

An ideal way to truly soak in all that this magnificent city has to offer is to sign up for the Heritage Walk. In this walk, tourists are able to explore the rich culture of Delhi in all its glory by strolling through the famous Qutb Complex. The walk also takes you through the historic village of Mehrauli that sprung up around the Sufi shrine of Bakhtiyar Kaki.

Other exciting attracts exploring during this walk included Adam Khan’s Tomb, Jahaz Mahal, Zafar Mahal and other spots that come together to weave a distinctive story of Delhi and its current characteristics.

Music, Dance and Theatre

The local music and dance of Delhi speaks a ton about the rich culture that has taken birth here and bloomed through the tests of time. At The Estate, we provide you with all the information you need with regards to dance and music recitals that often take place in various parts of the city.

Explore the grandeur of Hindustani classical music combined with a Kathak performance where the dancers mesmerize you with intricate footwork and recitals which tell stories of Indian Gods and Goddesses. You will also be able to explore the contemporary art scene in the city through dance, sufi and the entry of Salsa and other forms into Delhi.

Delhi is also known to frequently host live concerts in Indipop, western classical, Ghazals, Qawwalis and every other form of music that has made an impression in the hearts of the locals.

Go for a play while in Delhi for insights into various social issues that haunt the city in modern days. Productions in English, Hindi, Urdu and a host of other regional languages give unique opportunities to delve into the rich culture and psyche of India’s capital city.

For more information recitals, workshops and other activities, get in touch with our staff at

Walking the Footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi

Considered to be among the most influential figures in the world, the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi had a critical role to play in India’s fight for freedom. Delhi offers a variety of landmarks and sites that one can visit to journey to the life and times of this great man and delve a little deeper into his ideologies that form an integral part the city’s culture. Contact us for details if you’d like to visit Raj Ghat, or Gandhi Museum

The Kingdom of Dreams

A highly recommended extravaganza, make a trip to Gurgaon to enjoy this hi-tech entertainment destination makes for an excellent family destination. A true manifestation of the carnival that is India, the Kingdom of Dreams is a psychedelic mix of exquisite performances, elaborate sets and a whole lot of fun. It also offers an air conditioned Culture Gully with restaurants from various states of India serving their authentic cuisines 

Eating out & Delhi Night Life

There are various pubs and clubs in the city and in case you look forward to unwinding with a drink and some good music, do ask us. We shall recommend some places with great ambience and best reputations and also organize a reliable car & driver for your evening of pleasure

While there are many restaurants not too far from The Estate , serving cuisines both Indian and International, if it is a dining experience you seek, we recommend a trip to Hauz Khas Village. Here, amidst the tombs & monuments dating back to the 13th century, you will find a stylish galaxy of pubs , bars and restaurants. 

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