Cookery Session

Traveling the World with your Sense of Taste

India offers its tourists a tapestry of culinary treasures to explore – a great way to truly get inside the rich food heritage of the country. We, at The Estate can arrange for you a ‘one-a- kind’ customized gourmet and cultural experiences during your trip to Delhi.

Exploring the Culinary Culture in the Capital

If you are one that is born with a sheer love of authentic tastes, signing up for a cookery session at our B&B allows you to explore a whole new pallet of dishes unique to the country. With a diverse range of micro-cuisines to choose from, our cooking classes focus on teaching visitors the nitty-gritty’s of North Indian, South Indian Cooking or Indian Sweets and Desserts. Depending on your personal taste and desire, you can sign up for a class in Baking or a Thai or Continental cuisine that takes you through the complex and enjoyable maze of what is considered to be Asian cooking.

The cooking sessions, conducted right on our property.

Blending Food and Travel

In addition, we also help organize food walking tours for interested enthusiasts. This tour includes trips to the spice market where one is able to explore the various vegetables, meats and spices unique to the Indian cuisine and delve deeper into understanding the local food habits and cooking artistry.

The sessions and tours conducted by our B&B are designed and executed by a tour guide that is familiar with tastes from around the world and understands the importance of giving our visitors a wholesome local experience.

Whether you are looking for more insights into the fascinating world of Indian desserts, the sea food culture in India or the traditions of ancient Mughlai cooking, the team is able to deliver just that.

As much as we try to meet all your requirements, since these sessions and walks are conducted by industry professionals, it is encouraged that our guests make prior bookings. Last minute requests may get challenging for our team to accommodate.

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