Breakfast & Meals

Breakfast served at The Estate features a roster of wholesome choice of cereals, fresh juice, fresh fruits, variety of breads with conserves, a selection of cheese spreads served with Tea & freshly ground coffee. These are accompanied by baked beans, sausages, and one hot India/Continental breakfast item in addition to eggs of choice.

Set in a glass-enclosed, pavilion room overlooking the lush garden, you will find the pace and atmosphere more relaxed and enjoyable.

Tuck in Lunch and Dinner with our home-style specials from the Indian cuisine. Our selections are made fresh to order with savory, non-spicy Indian ingredients that typically consists of rice, lentils, a choice of seasonal vegetables, cottage cheese, a chicken dish along with a side dish of yogurt and Indian bread, followed by dessert. Orders for Lunch and Dinner should be placed well in advance.

Breakfast Service: 7.00 am to 11.00 am (complimentary)
Lunch Service: 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm
Dinner Service: 7.30 pm to 9.45 pm

Special Request Services

Odd hour Hunger Pangs: Maybe you enjoy a snack right before going to bed, or possibly your flight arrives at a time when our kitchen services are closed. While each room has a well stocked mini bar and snack basket, we also organize Sandwiches, Cutlets , Stuffed Indian Flat Bread , Cut Fruit or Fritters to be placed in your room for you to enjoy at your convenience.

Romantic Rooftop Specials: Enjoy an intimate dinner date with your loved one in the private sanctuary served by our staff , with fresh flowers and candles , on our pretty garden terrace. You can spend the evening tinkering over vintage wine and conversations while some home-cooked food is served in style, in a non-intrusive way.

Barbeque Specials: From October through March, barbequed kebabs, food and cocktails are a perfect way to spend evenings in our lovely garden. A sit-out area is set up around the fireplace, with music provided on request. For an additional charge we can also organize traditional dancers for you to further enjoy your winter soiree.

Special Meals for Children and Adults:  If you want a taste of authentic Indian food without rumbling your stomach, or your child fancies only chicken nuggets or fries on the move, our cook is happy to serve it to you. Also, in-case you want an alternate meal such as some Chinese food, do reach out to our manager for some home-specials.

Additionally, we look forward to serve your special requests like organizing a cake, or wine or flowers for any special celebration at The Estate.

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